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  • Finance Crypto and fraud prevention

    “Financial institutions are prime targets for hackers and scammers aiming to siphon off funds. Recognizing this, businesses developing mobile applications with transactional capabilities need an ironclad security strategy. At Intrinisec, we’ve engineered mobile payment SDKs for Native iOS (Swift) Android, React Native And Flutter, that are not just robust but battle-tested. Adhering to the stringent standards of OWASP MASVS, our solutions delve into critical details like log sanitization, code obfuscation, and backup leakage prevention. We go the extra mile, addressing security vulnerabilities like rooted device access, which are often overlooked by others. Trust us to fortify your mobile applications against the most cunning of digital threats.

    Military-Grade Security for Mobile Devices

    In an era where mobile devices are integral to military operations worldwide, the need for uncompromising security is paramount. Android’s open-source, internet-first nature makes it a versatile choice, but the unique demands of military use require a specialized approach. Our solution? Custom Android layers paired with on-premises hardening and management systems. This tailored approach ensures seamless remote updates and application management, along with critical capabilities like remote wipe and lock. Entrust us to elevate your military-grade mobile security to the next level.


    Building Custom Operating systems under the car industry regulatory requirements requires specific functionality such as CAN bus integration and communication with the vehicle electronic systems in order to function safely.