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  • What is Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)?

    The rapid expansion of various cloud services along with cloud-based applications is on the rise as every business is slowly shifting its system to the cloud environment. As the cloud ecosystem is growing, more and more businesses are integrating cloud services to enhance their productivity. However, the widespread availability of these services has also given rise to various cybersecurity threats.

    What is Cloud Misconfiguration?

    Cloud misconfiguration is a significant error in the cloud infrastructure that makes the cloud system vulnerable to attackers and exposes sensitive data. These misconfigurations are generally default settings or mistakes that occur during adoption and expose your whole cloud infrastructure to cyber threats. These threats come in different forms where hackers, malicious users, ransomware, and insider threats find out these vulnerabilities and access all the vital data.

    When you deploy your application in the cloud, there are different configurations that come into play. And with so many options, many times, you might select the default configurations, which ultimately weakens the security posture of your cloud infrastructure. Even though these risks are relatively easy to resolve, the number of occurrences is so high that it gets daunting for security management to solve them manually.